Summing up the horrific Synod on the Family XIV

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This letter to the editor succinctly and profoundly sums up the Synod on the Family XIV, recently–and mercifully–ended in Rome with all the modernist psycho babble about welcoming unrepentant perverted sodomites to, well, one can guess, underage boys and girls?

ESH hears Simon & Garfunkel’s song of the same title playing in the background.

British version of KKK still alive

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The Brit version of the KKK is alive and well. Anti-Catholicism and hatred for anything smacking of “popery”, as the Brits and Prots call it, is to be vilified, destroyed and burned down. And killed if moving.

Even the 1st Father of the USA, George Washington,  saw this as “childish” and an offense to the many Catholics, especially from Canada, who were assisting the Colonies with independence from the mother country back in 1775, during the Revolutionary War.

Cross burnings occur in Lewes, UK, the locus of much anti-Christian and demonic activity.

AFC Wild Card race begins; Browns top AFC North alone 1st time since 1995

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If the playoffs were to begin tomorrow, the Pittsburgh Squeelers and Baltimore Ratbirds would be the first two teams out.

Where does your favorite team currently stand in the AFC Wild Card race?

The AFC Wild Card picture can be seen below with division leaders in the top 4 spots:







1. New England Patriots (7-2)
2. Denver Broncos (7-2)
3. Indianapolis Colts (6-3)
4. Cleveland Browns (6-3)

5. Kansas City Chiefs (6-3)
6. Cincinnati Ben-gals (5-3-1)

8. Pittsburgh Squeelers (6-4)
9. Baltimore Ravtbirds (6-4)
10. San Diego Chargers (5-4)
11. Buffalo Bills (5-4)
12. Miami Dolphins (5-4)
13. Houston Texans (4-5)

Thanks to the lowly Jets for getting off the schnide and torching the Squeelers for 4 turnovers and 2 FGs, with a worthless TD thrown in garbage time with no difference making for the outcome. Motor mouth Antonio Brown muffed two fumbles and didn’t have any hand slapping to do with his fellow pot smoking running backs now, did he?

1st Update 8:27AM ET:

In the words of Ravens coach John Harbaugh, whose postgame locker room comments were “mistakenly” aired by CBS, the Steelers “got their a**** kicked this week.”  The Jets forced four turnovers and never let up. In Pittsburgh, they’re blaming it on the Beaver — pop star Justin Bieber — who attended the Steelers’ Bible study Saturday night. Nice to know all the excuses they can make in the land of pee-stained towels. Guess it’s part of Tomlin’s “take ownership” and “accountable” philosophies….NOT!


Traditional marriage voters voices upheld OH, 3 other states

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The sodomite-sex marriage issue apparently now heads to the US Supreme Court for a climactic ruling following yesterday’s 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals decision upholding marriage bans in Ohio and three other states including KY, MI and TN.

The 2-1 ruling by the Cincinnati-based appeals court, covering two cases in Ohio, two from KYand one each from MI and TN, essentially boiled down to the idea that it is preferred to let each state’s political process take its course rather than to overturn the  will of the people creating law in the courts.

Some massive hormonal whining by Equality Ohio and sympathizers followed the decision on Thursday evening:

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The people of OH soundly rejected sodomites perverting the meaning of “marriage” to their twisted political ideaology with a plebiscite in 2004. Leftists everywhere were seen with exploding heads this week, in this needed reversal of the pro-sodomite legal push this past year. It shows some sanity still prevails in the US court systems, long the bastion of legislating from the bench, especially when leftist politics fail at the ballot box. Which is quite often.

>> Read the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling (PDF) <<

Quite vociferous in the fray this week was Cleveland Councilman and Slovenian Catholic, Joe Cimperman, a resident of the Tremont area and formerly of the St Clair-E 72nd area, whose great uncle Fr Victor Cimperman was a priest for many decades serving at the Cleveland Slovenian parishes of St Vitus and St Mary’s Assumption.

Cimperman, immersed in the liberal teachings of the modernist Jesuits at St Ignatius High and John Carroll University, sides with the sodomites and leftist Dems on the topic of perverted anal sex, baby killing, contraception and other insults against the Divine sensibilities. It’s always party first and its sick agenda of death over the faith of his heritage. It’s little wonder his bishop in Cleveland has yet to reprimand him in public on the topic which he blares out quite publicly.

He’s also promoting “gender identity” legislation which would allow men to use women’s restrooms and vice versa. No problem of sexual assaults of little kids here!


It shows without a life of prayer and grace from the sacraments, any human can be tempted to fall into the downward spiral of  the sewer lifestyles of those with a proclivity for the alimentary canal, contrary to nature and the natural order set down by the Divine Creator. For we are all harmed by the negative effects of concupiscience due Original Sin, even after the laver of the life creating waters of Baptism.

It is exactly for these sorts of offenses against God and His Mother the Ever-Virgin Mary, that First Friday and First Saturday devotions of reparation were requested by the Sacred Heart and by Our Lady of Fatima. Let us follow the requests of the twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary to make reparation and defend Traditional marriage as envisioned by God and defended by His One True Church with: one man, one woman.

Hoyer speaks mind after destroying the Bungles, in 1st place

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This was heard from the lips of Brian Hoyer, not long after he and the D destroyed the Bungles in Cincy Thursday night.

It brought tears to the eyes of the ESH…













For now we can say that even tied at 6-3 with the Squeelers, since “C” comes before “P’ in the alphabet, the good guy Browns are on top of the AFC North.

And if the records of the two teams are the same at the end of the season, as they were in 2007, Cleveland holds the tie breaker head to head edge with points scored against the opponent with the 31-10 shellacking of the Squeelers on Oct 12th.

Francis Factor: War on Tradition continues despite nothing for lib violators

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ESH gladly shares the story below as the War on Tradition continues under the tutelage of Pope Francis and the modernist genie he has let out of the bottle, the latter which smells of the putrid stench of freemasonry and indifferentism.
Anyone with a smidgen of intellect knows (nose?) clown noses and beach balls are so much more pastoral than, say, increasing holiness and piety among the faithful and working for the conversion of heretics, schismatics and pagans.

Another Bishop “excommunicates” faithful who go to SSPX Masses – now in Argentina! As if!


Scan of the last page of the letter


After the Pope’s close friend and secretary of his Papal Council of Nine Cardinals did this days ago, now another Bishop threatens with “excommunication” the faithful who go to masses of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX).
Where? In Argentina… Ar-HEN-teen-ah!
Bishop Sarlinga visiting his Argentinian close friend, and now Bishop of Rome, Bergoglio
In all honesty, Bishop Sarlinga is considered a so-called “conservative”*, closely linked to the scnadal-ridden cult of Opus Dei (though not a member), and for that reason was widely regarded in the Argentinian church as someone deeply despised by the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires (now the bishop of Rome as he prefers to be known), of whom he was considered an “ideological” adversary.
His letter is much longer, but with the same references to the Letters of emeritus Pope Benedict XVI following the removal of excommunications in 2009, so we translate below just the relevant conclusion.
Óscar Domingo Sarlinga
by the Grace of God and of the Apostolic See
Bishop of Zárate-Campana

Diocesan Decree 27/14

By way of the present letter, I declare:

- The priests of the “Society of Saint Pius X” must not celebrate in churches, oratories, and other places of Catholic worship in our diocese of Zárate-Campana. It is not licit to them, either, to offer or dispense to Catholic faithful the celebration of the other sacraments, including reconciliation (Cf. C[anon] 966) and the celebration of marriages (cf. C. 1108), of which the latter would additionally be invalid, by the reason of their not having the faculties that are required.
-It is not licit for the Catholic faithful to take part in the celebration of Mass in these conditions, neither to request nor to receive sacraments from the priests of the aforementioned “Society of Saint Pius X”, including in private places turned into places of worship, without excluding, in case of obstinacy, also the ferendae sententiae penalties that may apply, according to the ecclesial spirit and that of protection of the faithful.
- In the case of the rupture of ecclesiastical communion by the above-mentioned founded motives, in order to be later readmitted to the Catholic Church, a personal path of reconciliation (and eventually of removal of the canonical censure) will be required, according to the discipline advised by the Holy See and the [diocese's] own, established by the diocesan bishop.
I express the sincere and ardent desire that we let ourselves be enlightened by the Holy Spirit “so that the world may believe” (cf. Jn 17:21) and so that dialogue in Truth and Love may arise again, and that “the charity of Christ that compels us” may come first, as Saint Paul the Apostle taught us, due to which I beg the powerful help of the Virgin Mother of God, Mother of the Church.
Let it be made public and archived.
Given in Campana, Episcopal See, on the 3rd November 2014.
+ Óscar Sarlinga

 -By order of the His Excellency-

[Fr.] Guillermo Eduardo Díaz
Secretary Chancellor

[Full Spanish text of the letter here.  /
So, while Jorge is hammering the Traditional order FFI, in the people’s republic on MN, a different scandal ridden St John’s Benedictine abbey show 2 missing persons, 230 alleged claimed victims of various types of homosexual and pederastic sex abuse, massive financial mismanagement and “luxurious living” style abounds, but an apostolic vistitator apparently is not needed under the poor prudence and judgment of Pope Bergoglio.
This is the same Benedictine Abbey that once proudly produced international pro-life stalwart Fr Paul Marx, who founded and grew one of the largest pro-life and profamily apostolates known to mankind since the legalization of abortion of various stripes since the 1960s and 70s worldwide.
Says Eponymous Flower blog:
“We’re posting this to draw attention again to the evident corruption at one of the most famous Benedictine Monasteries in the world, if not the largest, and despite the ample evidence of serious corruption and negligence on the part of the monks, to say nothing of a singular indifference and hostility to the Catholic Faith which they claim to hold, there is not the slightest hint of an investigation, no calls for the resignation of the abbot, or the seizing of its assets by an Apostolic Visitor.”
 ESH couldn’t agree more.

Bitter is the new better?

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The Kenyan kommie, with 26 months to go and counting, came out swinging and bitter as can be with the national repudiation of “all my policies” in the Nov 4 elections that saw the GOP take back control of the US senate, new seats in state governments and increase its majority margin by around 20 seats in the House.

Self-absorbed as always, the Kenyan “waved a red flag in front of a bull” as putative Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated yesterday. Go ahead, just try me.

President Barack Obama is pictured. | AP Photo

What me worry?

The latter won and handily defeating pro-O’Bama and anti-coal hyphenated what’s-her-name Grimes. And all that without ex-Senator Tom Harkins of IA calling her as cute as Taylor Swift. Oops! No feminazi outbursts after that faux pas, eh Tom?

The election was a “wall to wall shellacking” of the Kenyan’s marxist policies, as Charles Krauthammer put it so elegantly last night on Special Report with Britt Baer. Despite the huge political losses–many of them shooting down what little influence remains with the congential liars, Bubba and Hilary–the Kenyan remained self-focused and defiant, challenging the new GOP dominated Congress to come-n-git him. Despite many appearances and fundraisers, the Clintons’ home state of AR went totally Republican, from top to bottom for the first time in 141 years!

Hey Barrie: This is what an entire takeover looks like!

The Kenyan kommie  fully intends to use that cellphone and pen he waves around like the golf duffing he is known to do, confirmed by his BFF Michael Jordan. For anyone expecting postelection contrition at the White House or vows to change course after a disastrous election for Democrats,  O’Bama had one message Wednesday: Think again. Privately, O’Bama’s advisers acknowledge that Tuesday’s outcome was far worse than what they expected.

It ended being 70 minutes of drivel in prime time–he usually waits till Rush Limbaugh’s show is over so commentary will be held one business day–with his lead jamming log: no repatriation of illegal immigrants, many of them Hispanic, but also some Mohammedans and other undesirable ethnics sneaking in to size up the competition via the Rio Grande.

“I would enjoy some Kentucky bourbon with Mitch McConnell,” said the Kenyan, who last year mocked the idea of having a drink with the GOP leader, something is often is want to do.

Then, offering a glimpse into how little time O’Bama has spent cultivating a relationship with McConnell over the past six years, the president added, “I don’t know what his preferred drink is.”

It doesn’t matter. What further damage the Kenyan putz tries the next 26 lame duck months, will be kept in check or undone as soon as the Grand Ole Party has control of all 3 branches of government come January 2017, thanks to the Kenyan kommie and his megalomaniac dreams to take over all facets of American life.