Obituary details following their loss…

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For all the Yinzer Squeeler fans with their pee-stained towels:

Sorry for your terrible loss yesterday. ESH sends deepest heartfelt condolences.

Graveside services to be held at All Soul’s cemetery on the far east side in Chardon, OH today….ticker parade downtown by Public Square afterwards, with unveiling of statue to Brian Hoyer by First Energy stadium….yellow pee stained crying towels to be provided for the mourning masses, and to burned immediately afterwards with all our Ebola disposables in a huge bonfire. With your bumble bee uniforms.

On a barge.

Floating down the Ohio River to the Golden Triangle.


Any remaining Squeeler fans anywhere in OH may freely move about and relocate to western PA, freeing up jobs for fans who root for OHIO teams.

Brownies spank, throttle hated Squeelers, 31-10

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Brian Hoyer has risen his record over the span of two seasons to 6-2 as the good guy Brownies spanked, throttled and thumped the dreaded and hated Squeelers 31-10 on the sunny shores of Lake Erie yesterday.

After a dismal first quarter totally -8 yds of offense, Cleveland came alive on a muffed, doubled clutched FG attempt and John Hughes pancaked Squeeler punter/place holder Wing.

From then on it was all Brownies, except for a cheap Squeeler TD in garbage time with just over 2 minutes remaining in the game. Hoyer, only 8 for 17 all day, was very efficient including a long 51 yd split-the-seam throw to TE Jordan Cameron in the 1nd quarter (see below) . The Browns also increased their rushing TDs for the season to 8 with 2 by veteran Ben Tate and one by fan fave undrafted rookie Isaiah Crowell. Last season the Browns had a total 4 rushing TDs ALL season.

Q2 Jordan Cameron 51-Yard TD Catch

The Squeelers could do nothing right with pro bowl CB Joe Haden harassing Antonio Brown all day including an over the back, climb the ladder defensed pass in the end zone near the end of the game.

Browns Make Statement About How Things Have Changed for Them

It was a statement game by the Brownies against a QB would had dominated the Browns the past 10 years with an 18-1 record, that is now 18-2…two key back to back sacks in the 2nd half put the Squeelers out of field goal range forcing a punt. Buster Skreen also had an INT off a tipped ball by John Hughes. The talking heads including Trent Green, reminded the CBS audience at least 3 times about Roethlisberger’s dominance of the Browns for years, all for naught yesterday.

Several Browns were lost to injury including pro bowl C Alex Mack, who broke an ankle in the 2nd quarter after a Squeeler lineman rolled up on his ankle. Mack will be gone for the season and was replaced seamlessly by RG John Greco.

Armonty Bryant also hurt his knee in an undetermined way. Undrafted rookie CB K’wuan Williams suffered a concussion and like will be on the bench for next week’s game in Jacksonville against the Shaguars.

For the other details see here at the Bleacher Report….

Orange, CA diocese and the Masons

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You are familiar with the $60million+ Crystal Cathedral that the Catholic diocese of Orange has purchased and is refurbishing to be the new diocesan cathedral.

In this official video from the diocese on the “catholicizing” of the cathedral, at 1:35, communications director Ryan Lilyengren says: “We see ourselves as a center point for many faiths to come together and engage.”

This is Ryan Lilyengren’s Facebook page.

Lilygren in official role promoting Christ Cathedral

Seems this spokesman for the Orange Diocese not only has no problem with the anti-Catholic masons, he is a proud member and loves to blab about it on Facebook for all the world to see.

Freemasonry continues to be condemned by the Catholic church, as it has continuously done since its inception in the early 1700s. For official encyclicals and teachings on the evil secret society  “synagogue of Satan”, as Pope Leo XIII called the Craft, click here…

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a clarification explicitly affirming that Canon 1374’s prohibitions apply to Masonic organizations: “The Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden.

“The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave [mortal] sin and may not receive Holy Communion. It is not within the competence of local ecclesiastical authorities to give a judgment on the nature of Masonic associations which would imply a derogation from what has been decided above.”

If you’re a mason, it is a mortal sin and you should not approach for Holy Communion, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

Masons are society’s biggest proponents of liberalism, socialism, communism, syncretism of religions and indifferentism in religion, as if the Son of God Jesus Christ’s Church can even be compared to the pagan heathen of, say, red dots on Hindis or the murderous jihads of Mohammedanism, whose pedophile founder at 51 years old had sex with his 9 year old first “wife” Aisha.

Kasich, cruising to landslide in OH, disappoints pro-lifers

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While ESH would not vote for diehard abortoholic Dem Ed FitzGerald, OH Gov John Kasich does leave one mystified on the issues of life.

PFLI has  been pressing him his whole 4 yr term to appoint a pro-life/pro-family pharmacist to the state board  of pharmacy, and he has had numerous opportunities to do so. This is one of those appointments that are all his, and need no approval from the legislature. It is often used as a political plum or chip called in by donors. PFLI has no such “chips”, only defending life, the traditional family, and defending healthcare workers rights of conscience.
Now healthcare workers are stripped of their rights of conscience and preborns are killed chemically by the millions annually, via NO copay diktats of the Kenyan kommie’s socialized medicine Obamacare fiasco,  with taxpayer paid so-called oral “contraceptives”, over the counter Plan B and other abortifacients.

Instead Kasich has appointed anti-life pharmacists to the board, hostile to PFLI and the life issues, hostile to pharmacist rights of conscience to not participate in chemical abortions, assisted suicide or euthanasia, those who are tied to the pharmacy chains or other vested interests, or those who are calling in a previous political/finance raising chip.

Don’t worry, Kasich is not alone in this regard. Two term GOP governor Voinovich was the same rotten story. They both like to run as pro-life ethnic Catholics when it suits them (although Kasich is a lapsed one) but not when it comes to putting it into tangible, practical action. Kasich is of Croatian descent, son of a postal worker from McKees Rocks, PA, a working class suburb of Pittsburgh. Voinovich, with his main home along Lake Erie a stone’s throw away from Villa Angela-St Joseph High,  is the son of a Serbian father and Slovenian mother, and has long wooed the mostly Catholic Slovenian communities of northeast OH every time he ran for office, from auditor to mayor to governor to US  senator.

On top of that, it was recently reported that a top aide to Gov. John Kasich threatened to “decimate” the state pharmacy board and ruin the executive director’s reputation if the board didn’t fire the director, according to a board document released Tuesday Sept 16.

A timeline created by former board Executive Director Kyle Parker of events leading to his firing also says Kasich adviser Jai Chabria wanted Parker fired in April but board members negotiated a deal allowing him to step down by Sept. 1. But this was for political reasons, not because Kasich was defending pharmacists with a conscience!

ESH shares another point of view on Kasich…here’s the opinion column from Janet Folger, former head of Ohio RTL, and now a fierce proponent of 100% total protection for the preborn, unlike the NRTL affiliate she once led.

Opinion: Why I can’t vote for John Kasich

Good guys thump Titans, 29-28

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In their fourth game decided in the last minute or so, the good guy Cleveland Browns thumped a stunned Tennessee Titans team in Nashville, 29-28 with the 2nd touchdown of the day for Travis Benjamin, who earlier almost sealed the defeat of his team with a muffed fair catch punt.

It was the largest comeback victory in Browns history (25 pts down) and the largest comeback in NFL’s entire history for a road team.

Game ball has to go to unheralded QB Brian Hoyer, a Cleveland area native, graduate of St Ignatius High, and gutsy determined plyaer-leader of this new, exciting team.

ESH will let Tony Grossi tell the rest of this great story, taking the team to 2-2 and facing the Squeelers at home next Sunday.


Lavender mafia at it again

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The lavender mafia is at it again. Brought to you by the same sodomites who swelled the ranks for Hitler’s Brown Shirts in the 1930s and 40s. The net effect is the same with these effeminate stormtroopers.

Sturm und drang!

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges recently announced that they were giving Gordon College, a Christian institution, one year to “review” its policies regarding homosexuality or face losing its accreditation.

These bureaucratic bullies say that the college may be in violation of accreditation standards because of its view that homosexual behavior is a sin and prohibited on campus. The NEASC is demanding that the college review its policy and submit a report to “ensure that the College’s policies and procedures are non-discriminatory.”

How sensitive, feeling and loving whom you wish to love. The ISIS of the world of psychological and sexual disorders. Don’t think they don’t feel enabled by the pro-sodomite policies of the Regime.
ESH sees and calls out these hypocrital bullies for what they are with their sewer perversions.

How much is your doc getting from Big Pharma?

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The so-called Accountable Care Act (Obamacare) requires manufacturers to report payments and gifts to prescribers, unless they are valued at less than $10. It’s part of a shift, supported by lawmakers of both parties, to open the books of the medical profession.

This would include all the pens, pads, toys, trinkets and breakfast/lunch/brunch/supper/lupper encounters. Some offices, in frustration, have just given up any of the latter freebies from Big Pharma.

The database is huge and may not be user-friendly especially for  pharmacies looking to glean marketing insights. And maybe increase transparency so Congress and the Regime won’t have taxpayers looking at their own in-transparency!

However, for those willing to give it a try the following link will get you to the CMS web site where the data can be downloaded.