Planned Barrenhood busted ; 2nd time in one week!

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More “help” is supplied to a pimp by Planned Barrenhood in managing his underage (14 and 15 yo) sex slaves. This time it was in Richmond, VA. Earlier in the week PP was busted in NJ. All by Lila Rose and her sharp staff of college kids. Busted by young kids. The $1 Bill PP empire may be ready to fall like Hosni Mubarak on a bad day, or at least lose the cool $325 Mill sucker US taxpayers are forking over to these perps covering up sex abuse, sex trade, slavery and on and on.

Judicial bypass or travel to Washington DC are given as possibilities for getting around Virginia parental consent laws. Abortifacient IUDs and Nuvaring are suggested for the young girls who could not remember to take a pill every day.

Here is the full footage video used to make the bust on national TV and the Internet this week:



One thought on “Planned Barrenhood busted ; 2nd time in one week!

    eastsidehunky responded:
    February 5, 2011 at 17:54

    Looks like their little shops of horror may be tumbling down, or at least not sucking the blood of taxpayers while using that same money to kill little future taxpayers.

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