Sixth bust of PP covering up sexual slavery in Bronx, NYC

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Are these abortoholic wing nuts just wishing for an end to their evil ways or just plain stupid? That is the question people of all stripes are asking themselves as the recent 6th bust (count them, six) of a PP facility happened recently by college kids led by Lila Rose’s Live Action band.

They’re embarassing themselves big time and doing a virtual smack down on the Evil Empire that kills 300,000+ kids by surgery yearly and many times that number by chemical abortion (don’t forget to count the latter as many people often do; chemical abortions account for 4-5 times the annual amount of surgical ones).

In this film, the Bronx, NYC, Planned Barenthood employee recommends that the Pimp could act as guardian of his underage sex workers/slaves. She states that girls as young as 13 can come in on their own to get treatment.

Check out the latest video from the Bronx as PP fumbles again.


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