Holy Father: Fatima not Assisi!

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We have a plea from Randy Engel–Traditional Catholic and pro-lifer extraordinaire–asking the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, to attend Fatima with the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun this coming October, rather than re-visit the syncretist meeting of various and sundry pagan and non-Catholic religions at Assisi, repeating the scandal of 1986 by then-Pope John Paul II.

Certainly, for those who have examined the matter with an open heart and intellectually honest mind, the oft-requested Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope in unison with all the world’s bishops at the same time, has not been fulfilled, despite the many pleadings of God’s Holy Mother to do so. Weak churchmen, puffed with pride, think they know better than Christ’s Mother.

Here’s Randy’s missive from today:
February 22, 2011

Dear Friends,

This mailing is a follow-up to my February 9, 2011 commentary “World Peace to be Found in the Fatima Consecration Not Assisi Meeting”.

One of the questions raised by my article was, “Hasn’t the Consecration already been made?”

Here is a link to John Vennari’s excellent CFN article “The Consecration of Russia Is Not Accomplished”.

Please pay special attention to footnote #8 which states that in 1988, the Vatican ordered all Fatima Apostolates to claim that the 1984 Consecration fulfilled the request of Our Lady of Fatima. Fatima devotee Abbé Pierre Caillon writes, “An order came from Rome, obliging everyone to say and think: ‘The Consecration is done.’”

Please continue to pray that Benedict XVI will have a change of mind and heart and go to Fatima and not the Assisi Meeting in October 2011. And mark October 13, 2011, the 94th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, on your calendar as a day of prayer, penance and fasting should Benedict XVI make the egregious error of choosing Assisi and the Devil over Our Lord and Our Lady.

Randy Engel, USCL


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