Rebel sodomite priest seeks to shut down

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A rebellious openly sodomite, pro-abortion “priest” in Canada is continuing his fight to shut down the highly successful website,

Fr Raymond Gravel is suing LSN for a bone-crushing, spiteful $500,000 which could easily shut down the Canadian-based news source which has defended the Church’s constant teachings on life, family and one of the 4 sins that cries to heaven for justice, sodomy. Gravel serves at the please of his local ordinary who seems to have no problem with his open hatred and hostility to the Church’s teachings on this matter, although he was suspended when he ran for parliament.

“Father” Gravel is suing for pain and suffering; isn’t that what faithful Catholics have to endure with his open rebellion against the authentic Church teachings against sodomy and baby killing?

Here’s a brief update on the matter by Michael Voris at


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