Hear my heartbeat, don’t kill me!

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The Ohio assembly had hearings this week….no, not on the whining diehard leftist union members who think they can continue sucking at the state nipple as they have for decades….

This one was testimony on HB 125 affectionately known as the ‘Heartbeat Bill” whereby abortions will be banned if/when a preborn child’s heart can be detected, this is usually around 6.5 to 7 weeks of gestation. The abortionist “doctor” will have to show the visual evidence to the mom, like it or not, no fickle options given.

Sadly, as so often before, the NRTL affiliate–Ohio RTL–has come out AGAINST the bill, according to the Columbus Dispatch, stating it has no chance of being upheld in court. Huh? Is that our pro-life barometer for promting legislation and principles? EastSideHunky tried to confirm this lack of support. Got the usual, “give me a call at my convenience” email. This same group, like its national daddy, refuses to acknowledge that the contraceptive mentality leads to abortion, especially since any scientist worth their intellectual honesty fully knows that most “contraceptives” are just disguised chemical abortifacients.

One has to wonder why Catholic parishes continue to funnel donations to organizations at odds with Catholic teaching on this important matter to the family and society? Just like the Knights of Columbus, showering a number of their officers with salaries of $200-300,00/year coddling diehard pro-abortion members.

Shall EastSideHunky name names? Maybe. Soon.

Wonder if PP will violate this law too, just like they violate the sex slavery and cover up of sexual abuse of minors in a minimum 7 busts recently?


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