Things K of C could do, but won’t…

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Things the K of C could do but won’t, to all the pro-aborts and pro-sodomites in its ranks, chiefly weasel politicians with no spine….

Under the Knights of Columbus Charter Constitution Laws SEC.162., there are 24 subsections relating to members, with penalties of fines, suspension or expulsion. Here are some examples:
SEC. 162. 6. Wilful insubordination, contempt, or disobedience of the lawful orders of superior authority; fine, suspension or expulsion.
Giving Scandal
SEC. 162.7. Giving scandal, scandalous conduct or practice unbecoming a member of this Order; suspension or expulsion.
Publishing Detrimental Matter
SEC. 162.9. Speaking, writing, printing or publishing any matter or statement which shall be deemed to be detrimental to the harmony and good order of the Knights of Columbus, or tending to create discord and dissension among the members or create public scandal, or causing the same to be done; suspension or expulsion. 
The above would be suitable for use in the case of Pro-Abortion and Pro-Homosexual members, such as the 16 K of C pols – 10 of whom have top Planned Parenthood ratings – who voted on 14/Jun/07 against putting traditional marriage on the ballot in Massachusetts in 2008. Also, State Senators Joe Addabbo and David Carlucci who cast critical votes on 24/Jun/11 to pass “Gay” “Marriage” in New York state (33-29). 
Contrary to K of C claims, there is no need for the involvement of any member of the clergy, much less a bishop, in the suspension of a member.
Summary Suspension by Board of Directors and Supreme Knight
SEC. 165. Whenever it shall appear that a member has violated any of the provisions of the laws, the Board of Directors, or the Supreme Knight, subject to the approval of the Board, may summarily suspend such member from office or membership without citation or notice and such suspension shall include all persons and councils until such suspension is annulled.
Summary Suspension by State Deputies, Etc.
SEC. 166. Whenever it shall appear that a member or officer of a subordinate council has violated any of the provisions of the laws, a State or District Deputy, subject to the approval of the State Deputy, or a Territorial Deputy, may summarily suspend such member or officer from office or membership and such suspension shall conclude (include?) all persons and councils until such suspension is annulled, provided that such suspension may be annulled at any time by the Board of Directors or the Supreme Knight. When such suspension is ordered the party ordering the suspension shall immediately inform the Supreme Secretary.
Ipso Facto Forfeiture — Members
SEC. 168. Any member of this Order shall, ipso facto, forfeit his membership in the Order —
Failure to Remain a Practical Catholic
SEC. 168.1. Who shall fail to remain a practical Catholic in union with the Holy See. 
Issued by John O’Gorman, 30 Myrtle Ave., Winthrop, MA 02152. PH/FAX: 617-846-2983                       29/Jul/2011

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