Produce the birth certificate, fed court says…

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Once again, the issue of the birth certificate of the alleged Hawaiian born Barrie Hussein Soetero O’Bama has come into the limelight, albeit virtually ignored by the state-run drive by media.

Yesterday, Ukrainian-born legal immigrant lawyer Orly Taitz received an order from a federal court to have the Hawaii Dept of Health appear in federal court to show cause why they would not produce what record(s) they have on file for the alleged O’Bama, who also claims Irish roots.

Taitz showed up on Monday Aug 8th in Honolulu with a federal court subpoena which the DOH refused to honor, instead handing her a letter that they would not produce the record(s) in question and in dispute. Taitz had handwriting and PhotoShop experts on hand to examine the document(s), but the effort was for naught.

Numerous software experts on Photo Shop alleged the “certificate” the White House produced in April was a multi-layered fraud, meant to shut up the birther movement that alleges O’Bama is not a natural born US citizen and thus not eligible to sit as President of the United States.

O’Bama spent 4 years in Indonesia with this family and step-father, Lolo Soetero, being educated at a Muslim run madras school. He also spent several years at Occidental College in California as a student whose tuition was paid under a “foreign student” Fulbright scholarship, before being kicked out and heading to the East Coast.

EastSideHunky wonders why the Hawaiian DOH has refused a legitimately issued federal court subpoena. Oh well, it all soon may be moot when a new president is sworn in Jan 21, 2012.


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