11th Circuit Court says “njet” to ObamaCare mandate

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The 11th Circuit Court upheld the Atlanta appeals court yesterday in that mandated and imposed ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Unlike the Atlanta court, the 11th Circuit stated the “mandatory insurance or else a tax provision” of ObamaCare may be severable from the rest of the boondoggle law pass in the waning hours of March 2010.

The simplicity and elegance of ObamaCare

The three member panel of the 11th Circuit thus agreed with 26 states of the union that they do not have to force citizens who do not wish to purchase health insurance from doing so. Period. The decision will likely be appealed to the US Supreme Court by the Obama Justice Department since on this decision lies his entire “presidency”, the validity of which continues to be in question and litigated in various courts, most recently Honolulu. ObamaCare recently promised to force mandatory coverage of highly potent abortifacient steroids as well as virtually repealing any rights of conscience for pharmacists and other health care professionals.


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