O’Donnell leaves lib TV show; liberal Brit, Bozell huff-n-puff

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Liberal Brit TV guy Pierce Morgan had a bit of a hissy fit, supported by “conservative” Brent Bozell yesterday, when Christine O’Donnell had enough of his half-arsed interview and decided to spend quality precious time elsewhere the other evening.

Morgan, who maybe needs to go back home to jolly ol’ Britain and pay their usurious 55% socialistic income tax rather than make his fortune here in America, a country he seems to despise, like most liberals.

He and Bozell somehow think O’Donnell “owes” it to him to finish a show, although he would have no problem pulling the plug on her if it suited his whims. That’s how libs are. Self-centered, narcissistic and petulant. Especially if people and things don’t go their way. Not to mention being out right rude and hostile to O’Donnell during the interview.

Bet he wouldn’t have done that with the marxist-in-charge who’s busy living like a limousine liberal on Martha’s Vineyard, among the rich people he publicly hates and excoriates daily.


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