Festival celebration for 100th birthday anniversary of the Servant of God Blessed Theodor Romzha

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Blessed Bishop Romzha, one of several Rusyn candidates for sainthood, was murdered by the communists while in captivity by them against his will, injected with a poison in a make-shift hospital during WW II…
Carpatho-Rusyn News

Blessed Teodor Rhomza

Centennial Pilgrimage for Blessed Theodore Romzha

In July 2011 the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo (based in Uzhorod) held a Blessed Theodore Romzha Centennial Pilgrimage to mark the 100 year anniversary of his birth. An Icon of him may be seen in the above foreground.

Led by Metropolitan Milan Shashik, one can view in the videos below the full traditional Rusyn style Greek (Byzantine) Catholic Church Liturgics not often experienced in the USA, where the Church has become Latinized over time.

As an unofficial observation, these beautiful high-level Greek Catholic Liturgical traditions, the Rusyn Plain Chant, as well as certain customs (Old Calendar, married priests) – all still followed by the Greek Byzantine Catholics in the Old Country.

Parts 1-4 appear to be the primary Cathedral service, with parts 5-7 an actual pilgrimage of Our People walking from one parish to the next. Click below to watch: 

part 1 www.youtube.com/user/logostvuzhgorod#p/f/0/rg99akaxLQw

part 2  www.youtube.com/user/logostvuzhgorod#p/f/42/7TvdIdb06Eo

part 3 www.youtube.com/user/logostvuzhgorod#p/f/36/bCCjKFJG8XU
part 4 www.youtube.com/user/logostvuzhgorod#p/f/44/kDJjsAk5IQc

part 5 www.youtube.com/user/logostvuzhgorod#p/f/45/BHA2jbMf2Yw

part 6 www.youtube.com/user/logostvuzhgorod#p/f/46/7Tv2iL4zy5A

part 7 www.youtube.com/user/logostvuzhgorod#p/f/47/u487tFDysGc

Prayer for Beatification

O gracious Lord, in Your infinite goodness You have given us a fearless Bishop, Theodore G Romzha, who by his uncommon courage, sufferings and violent death gave a heroic witness to his unshakable Faith and inspired our people to hold fast to their Faith in time of persecution. Therefore, we humbly beseech You to glorify Your faithful servant, that Man of Faith, Bishop Theodore, and to strengthen our Faith by granting us through his kind intercession…[here make your request].

For you are a merciful and gracious God, and we render glory to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever, Amen


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