Memo to abortoholics: “emergency contraception” is chemical abortion

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In their constant effort to obfuscate and redefine the issues, anti-lifer, abortoholics are trying to change the definition of pregnancy as a precursor to forcing everyone to pay for their chemical abortions with taxes. Unfortunately, drive-by state run media “fact-checkers” aren’t doing too well keeping it straight either.

At a certain point, trying to have a conversation with fundamentalist abortoholics about what is and is not a so-called “contraceptive”  and what is and is not an abortifacient is like trying to talk to an obstinate, petulant two-year-old. There isn’t much room or apparent capacity for reasoning. But that’s what lefty abortoholics are, given that liberalism has been defined as a mental disease by Dr Savage.

People can believe whatever they want, and abortoholics have their delusional religion of baby killing, built with a non-stop campaign of propaganda that would make the Nazis, Papa Joe Stalin and Kim Jong Il all blush. But when it comes to politics, policy, and the effects of ideological beliefs on the health and lives of all the rest of us normal pro-baby people, one has to draw the line.

In the GOP-Tea Party debate Monday night, co-hosted by the Clinton News Network, Michele Bachmann –correctly– repeated the truth once again that so-called “emergency contraception”, sometimes referred to as the “morning after pill,” causes chemical abortion and that by including contraceptives underObamaCare without a co-pay, the Regime was forcing people to pay for abortion.

What the Regime did was to include so-called “contraception” under Obamacare without a co-pay, because it is a totally non-essential form of primary preventive care for women and actually could be considered chemical assault using high powered steroids.

The use of so-called “contraception” to space and limit births also contributes to dramatic economic malaise, leading us to the soon-to-be shortfalls in funding of retiree pensions, since fewer and fewer people support more and more aging baby boomers.
And what the morning after pill does do is to cause chemical abortion, admitted readily for decades by Big Pharma and the mandatory verbiage that the US Food and Drug Administration requires on all steroidal “birth control”.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Food and Drug Administration, and the World Health Organization among other medical bodies have unscientifically defined pregnancy as beginning when a fertilized egg [sic] successfully implants in the uterine lining.  Duh! No such scientific entity as a “fertilized egg”.  That’s just voodoo science, as the universally accepted Carnegie Stages of Development have proven for decades.
“Emergency contraception”, a form of chemical abortion, therefore destroys a  pregnancy.

I realize that anti-life, abortoholic fundamentalists have declared of their own accord that a woman is pregnant when implantation occurs-but this is not the accepted medical definition, nor does it match science.  It does bode well in the fantasy land of the abortoholics.

And the drive by state-run media it appears, is doing everything it can to help the propaganda campaign of the abortoholics.
And Monday evening on CNN, according to  Sarah Burris who works the radical leftist abortoholic website, RH Reality, John King further shared the information by doing a “truth test” on Michelle Bachmann with a “truth meter” on her statement that referred to whether the Regime had mandated inclusion of coverage under ObamaCare of the “Morning-After Abortion Pill.”

The anti-life headlines and the misuse of medical terminology by abortoholics are all part of the broader problem of the obfuscation of medicine and science by the anti-lifers through which inaccurate drive by state-run media reporting contributes to the increasingly vitriolic ideological and dangerous attacks on women’s health, babies’ lives and human rights.

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