You tourists stink!

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That’s the timeless thanks Dingy Harry Reid had for the taxpayers who subsidized his visitor’s center monstrosity at the US Capitol several years ago. He thought we need more antiperspirant and deoderant. Not enough consuming of Old Spice, Mennen or Gillette goin’ on ’round hare!

For a guy who has ongoing contempt for the taxpayers, the Tea Party and still blames things as “Bush’s fault” he’s viciously turned on his marxist buddy pretender to the throne (again).

This time he’s throwing out Barrie Hussein’s “jobs” plan and he and his lefty Dem buddies are re-writing it.

“Dingy” Harry Reid and “Chuck You” Shumer

Dingy Harry knows the bill will never pass in the GOP-controlled House. Not this term and not the next term when they re-take all 3 branches of the federal government. Dingy Harry barely got re-elected this last time in Nov 2010. Count on his retirement in 2016, either voluntarily or via the ballot box.

This war’s lost….punk!


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