#Occupy Scandal of Assisi III

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The scandal known as “Assisi III” has begun in earnest and bodes no better than the two previous debacles against sanity and the Eternal truths of the Catholic faith.

We know Pope Benedict XVI was instrumental in the first two previous events as president of the CDF dicastery, so it is little surprise we wants to make the poor prudential judgment of more of the same indifferentism and syncretism of the various heresies and pagan religions converging on the poor town of Assisi.

Miserere nos, Domine!

Religious Indifferentism on Parade
First Dispatch from Assisi III
From John VennariTo say the latest pan-religious event of Assisi contains the promise that it will not foster religious indifferentism is a contradiction in terms. It is like inviting all of your friends to a swimming party with the promise that no one will get wet.

…news from morning session of Assisi is at:

More dispatches will follow later today or tomorrow….

JV/Catholic Family News


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