You’ve been Guttmacher’ed!

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The racist “research” arm-fund raising juggernaut propaganda tool of Klan Parenthood–the Guttmacher Institute–is getting exposed for all its fraud, propaganda and mendacity. ‘Bout time. Done by a number of folks including several blacks, the target of PP’s racist founder Margaret Sanger, and her Klan-inspirng “Negro Project”. The Negro Project sought to eliminate the offspring of the ‘unfit’ to have more room and resources for the ‘fit’.

The Institute is named after one of the most zealous abortoholic Jewish “doctors” who was associated with PP as a former president of the racist organization.

Sanger, a virulent apostate Irish Catholic, was instrumental in visiting Nazi Germany in the 1930s and showing THEM how eugenics is done right. That’s PP’s legacy. Racism. Eugenics. Baby killing, Inc.

And this video helps expose their fund raising “research” arm–the Guttmacher Institute–that the drive by state run media loves to quote, as if it were objective and–as Michael Vick would say–didn’t have a dog in that fight.




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