Drive by media: sharing culpablility in PSU child molestation scandal

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The drive by state run media were heard with wringing of hands and wailing yesterday calling for (correctly) the termination of Joe Paterno and others at scandal-ridden Penn State and the child molestation case unfolding.

Read the Grand Jury report on Jerry Sandusky, Curley, Schultz, et al
(warning: very graphic and sick)

Feds to investigate Penn State’s handling of sex-abuse…

President fired...


‘I wish I had done more’…

What the drive bys weren’t heard saying was their promotion of the abortion and contraception mentality for over 40 years has led to debasing of the value of human life and such incidences as those unfolding at PSU. The drive by media shares much of the culpability of the abuse of young boys alleged in indictments handed down against Jerry Sandusky, former defensive coordinator at PSU.

ESH heard several sports talking heads–on the Really Big Show WKNR radio program in Cleveland and ESPN analyst Jason Bilas on ESPN1–bemoaning Paterno’s lack of “doing the right thing morally” on this matter. But when these same drive bys are confronted with the right moral thing on defending the most defenseless of our prenatal brothers and sisters, they vilify and hurl all types of calumny and invective against, for example, pharmacists of conscience standing up for these same defenseless humans. This is especially true if the defenders are Catholic or other Christians. Then the hate machine really pours it on.

Drive bys everywhere: Take a look in the mirror for your culpability on such moral disorders such as is unfolding at PSU. If they spoke up against murder of preborns, one would see firing and resignations of many, many top men and women in positions of power, not just coaches and presidents of universities.


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