Zombie show casts accurate portrayal of abortifacients ella and Plan B

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The so-called “morning after pill” is and always has been about a lethal high mega-dose of powerful steroids to destroy nascent life by prevention of IMPLANTATION of the newly created baby, and not about so-called “contraception”.

This is the intentional misleading by non-authorities such as drive by bloggers and openly leftist, abortoholic political groups like the ACLU. ESH has a doctorate in pharmacy and >32 yrs experience as a clinical pharmacist.ACLU has no scientific or clincial pharmacology training or credibility.

This show came close to representing the truth. Mendacity spreaders like the ACLU want to hide the facts, thus putting the lives and health of women at risk, on the back burner, and destroying hundreds of thousands of newly created babies annually.

Separate Pronuclei
A quick review of the Carnegie Stages of Development–the standard in embryology for the past 100+ years–quickly evinces to the intellectually honest reader that the lies and scam about how ella and Plan B emergency abortion pills work have been just that. Lies and a scam.


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