Two “doctors” charged with murder in late term abortions, health violations

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It was bound to happen again. We all know it will. It’s part of the law of chance and consequences from bad people doing very bad things.

Two so-called “doctors” were charged with several first and second degree murder charges in Baltimore this week. They are both part of the Brigham string of baby killing mills in a variety of states. Both have had their respective medical licenses REVOKED in all previously known states where they practiced their “craft” of baby killing, rather than healing as envisioned by Hippocrates.

Stephen Brigham
Click and read about Brigham and his side kick Riley from Utah who have perfected the art of unsanitary abortion mills and harming patients, both moms and their soon-to-be destroyed babies, some as old as 33 weeks and already OUT of the womb.

At least 35 dead babies have been found on the premises in Elkton, MD thus far. Brigham was starting the abortions in NJ and then transporting women to the death chambers in MD to have Riley finish off their victims.
Nicole Riley

Once again, it proves that abortionists are not concerned with womens’ health nor do they have qualms violating multiple health and medical regulations, rules and laws.

Women who may have been harmed by abortionists, should contact  PFLI for free legal assistance.


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