Moo-shell would have a cow if it was Catholics!

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Given her predilection for bigotry, hatred and intolerance towards Catholics, it seems the First Lady Moo-shell would have a cow if the folks obstructing investigation of crimes happened to be of the Catholic persuasion.

Her penchant for embracing marxism but wishing to live under the title Your Excellency has been well documented. Communists are always that way. We found out that, like in the novel 1984, some are always more equal than others under leftist regimes, such as that which now rules America. These two pretenders to the Oval Orifice desire and lust to live as King and Queen.

But, get a  load of the orthodox rabbi using the letter of the Law as an excuse to help some perp stay out of harm’s way and the jail cell the latter seems to well deserve. It is this same legalistic hypocrisies which cause one rabbi from around 33 AD to point out the “white sepulchres” among the Scribes and the Pharisees. He was right. He should know. He was God, Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.


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