Uh, a problem with that constitution, Istvan!

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Uh, there’s a problem with that nice looking article in the new constitution for Hungary, which refers to itself as Magyarorszag. It was a great idea but got hijacked by the Personhood USA (PUSA) folks. The left is having a cow over it BUT for the wrong reasons. They see it as too “racist” and “right wing”. Ha! Forget that BS, comrade marxists at NPR!

Oh, the Hungarians mean well. For sure. But going at it again without good definitions and rudderless purpose. They refuse to let go of the unscientific and legally questionable phrases like “from the moment of conception”, “from fertilization” and other such non sequiturs. These offer little protection legally to the intended recipients.

For unknown thousands of children are created by natural “twinning” and various artificial means (e.g. IVF, SCNT et al) which leaves us in a quandry. Are these children not just as human as those created by natural coitus?  From a truly pro-life and Christian world view, they most certainly are, infused with a soul at the moment of creation whether by husband and wife or in the cold sterile petri dish of the lab. Both and all must be protected.

For example, as seen at:
— terms used include = “from conception”, and (by PUSA) “fertilization”.
The same with this article following, even “from fertilization to natural death”:  http://www.personhoodusa.com/news?page=8
Sidebar: One does wonder how little “Colorado Personhood” became Personhood USA/America, with enough funds to go around the world “advising” politicians in other countries to protect all human beings (in various linguistics and phrases) “from conception”, “from fertilization”, “from conception to natural death”, “from fertilization to natural death”, “in the womb” (which phrase would especially still allow the use of abortifacient “contraceptives”, is really what is called a “pre-embryo substitute”, as are all of them), etc.?
We see quite a collection of PUSA’s “language”, which differs from group to group, from party to party, from country to country.
So let the great country of King St. Stephen I ,  King St. Laudislaus I, the dual Hapsburg crown, and other giants look again introspectively and adjust their new constitution with phrases that protect ALL children. Not just some of them. Do it today so you won’t regret it.

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