The De-Catholicizing of Catholic hospitals

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Following the secularization of the culture in general, yet another “catholic” hospital system, Catholic Healthcare West, has decided to ecumenize its mission and philosophy and become something for everyone. Rather than solidify and re-invigorate its once-Catholic identity.

Owing to less and less religious running these once proud public manifestations of true Christian charity and corporal works of mercy, the increasingly lay-run boards of these hospitals seldom portray a Traditional Catholic point of view to both heal bodies as well as contribute to their spiritual welfare at the same time.

What little religion there is in these institutions–many of which perform abortions and sterilizations or have abortionists with privileges like the Trinity/Mt Carmel conglomerate in the greater Columbus, OH area--is usually pablum and touchy feely modernism, rather than increased piety, devotions, converting lost souls and increasing holiness among the faithful.

This is a continued spiritual “dumbing down” of Catholic healthcare and will likely make it easier for the pretender Kenyan kommunist to impose his “chemical abortions” for all policy come August 2013, if he should somehow escape prosecution and also be re-elected in the interim.

God help us all! Mary, Help of Christians,  intercede for us!


2 thoughts on “The De-Catholicizing of Catholic hospitals

    […] for a long time, and discussed this issue surrounding the Diocese of Columbus previously here and here, so it really is not “news” in the journalistic sense of the word. It is […]

    pharmer9 said:
    January 25, 2012 at 10:21

    It’s why I think the U.S. Catholic affiliated hospitals will go the way of the Canadian ones. Posslbly the suit filed by the U.S. Bishops regarding Obamanator’s violation of the first amendment is just a bone thrown to the more conservative Catholics so they won’t cut off financial support to their institutions. It’s impossible to believe that the Bishops did not foresee this situation 10 or 20 years ago.

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