O’Bama declares more war on Catholics…

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No doubt. O’Bama, er, Barrie Soetero, undocumented alien and non-naturalized citizen playing King surrounded by non-elected Tsars, has declared war on Catholics and Christians who see faith and morals as does the one, true Church founded by the Son of God, 2nd Person on the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ.

Read here a great witty backhand at the man-child who would be diktator if he could, but, no, he can’t. His abortifacient-“contraception”-sterilization-death panels diktat won’t stand either, once the Supremes get a hold of it, even with lefty marxists Ginsberg, Kagan and Sotomayor stacked on the bench. That includes pharmacists and other health professionals saying “no” to killing the tiniest of our brothers and sisters with highly potent steroids and devices.

His lame back pedalling on Friday 10 Feb won’t even cut it with his smelly occupier friends, so much in need of an education on rational and hygienic behavior, and maybe some quality cotillion training time.

We’re not gonna take it. Never did and never will. You’re not the one we’ve been waiting for. Thanks anyway, Barrie, for energizing 25% of the population, part of which are union-centered mind-numbed Dem robots. But even they won’t push you over the finish line this time in November, whether bribed by another Porkulus bill or not.


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