FDA gives bogus indication for abortifacient Mifepristone

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True to their calling to be a very politicized outfit with little regard for science or patient welfare, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has once again put the politics of the most abortoholic prez above the health and welfare of the citizenry. This time it’s not forcing the Catholic Church to violate its long held tenets of faith.

Cancer patients, already in dire straits health-wise, have found that many of the drugs treating them are and have been in acute shortage, some of them for YEARS.

While they languish, the FDA has had bigger fish to fry. Like serving up more highly potent steroids with which to chemically snuff our junior in the womb.

Too bad the FDA hadn’t read its own charge when Congress set up the agency.

Korlym, a new trade name for an old abortifacient–RU 486– was announced as approved by the FDA yesterday. RU 486, approved in France in 1988 and in the US in 1998, has often been called the “French abortion pill”.  But, now, mankind, is safe from the epidemic outbreak of Cushing’s disease. Or so the stooges at the FDA would have us believe. That was the bogus indication the FDA gave this human pesticide, chemically an anti-progesterone that literally “starves” a growing baby in the womb.

What this is is an end-around to make availability of an approved abortifacient–Mifeprex–more readily available, once the incestuous and sex slave folks figure it out. Kind of like Plan B and fellow overnight abortifacients are available to girls over 17 without an Rx…but their “boyfriend” can go buy it himself without any explanation.

This should make sexual emancipation all the freer, right Barrie?

This is Mifeprex (mifepristone, RU 486):

This is Korlym (mifepristone):

See? they’re identical

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