Traditional justice: Bishop Williamson’s conviction quashed

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For a change, justice has prevailed in the case of Traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson, one of four bishops consecrated by the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre  in 1988. Even if on a technicality.

On February 22, 2012, on the grounds of a procedural error, the German courts revoked the conviction of Bishop Richard Williamson for denial of the unverified high number of Jews killed during holocaust.

Never at issue or dispute were the 20 million Russian and other nationality Orthodox or tens of millions of other Catholics and Christians murdered by the Nazis as well as various communist regimes.

Richardson, expressing his personal opinions on the matter of the exorbitant “six million” figure taken as gospel truth, was harrased by worldwide typical Catholic haters, now that they had a PC excuse with which to persecute the Catholic Church.

Also never discussed by the anti-Catholic bigots was the keen scholastic mind of the former protestant who rose through the ranks of the SSPX to be consecrated as one of four bishops in 1988  without a papal mandate.

Around the time of the drummed up controversy, Pope Benedict XVI removed the questionable “excommunications” from Williamson and the remaining 3 living bishops. Lefebvre passed away in 1989 and soon after so did Bishop de Castro Mayer of Argentina, who co-consecrated the 4 men with His Grace Lefebvre in Swizterland near the Society’s main Seminary at Econe.

Many Traditionalists contend were it not for the efforts of the humble and pious Lefebvre, the Traditional Latin Rite Mass would have ceased to exist. Instead it continues to grow, most especially among the young, and orders dedicated to the “Mass of All Times” have seminaries bursting at the seams while many liberal Novus Ordo dioceses can barely muster one new priest ordained per year.

Man proposes, God disposes. ESH cheers at the justice shown for Williamson, even if only on a technicality.



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