Drive by media in the tank for Barrie; blackout on school funding shocker

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It is no new news that the drive by state run leftist media is in the tank for the Kenyan kommie pretender to the throne, Barrie Hussein Soetoro (aka O’Bama).

What is a shocker is yet again a total news blackout and censorship of the WND expose showing that unrepentant  domestic terrorists and fellow Chicago cronies, William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn helped finance part of the education of li’l Barrie.

The drive by state run media,  have completely ignored the story, and when news-agenda-setter Matt Drudge posted it on his Drudge Report, leftist watchdogs Media Matters and the marxist Democratic Underground quickly unleashed scorn on Drudge.

“As always, this is all farcical and amusing, but allegations like these are still treated seriously by people like Matt Drudge, who is currently featuring the Corsi story on his site,” Media Matters said.

Note the Alinsky-style dismissal and marginalizing but never further curioisty or investigation like they would for, say, Palin’s supper plans or what is watched on her TV. Maybe some lefty kook will move in next to Ayers for a year and eavesdrop?
Nah! ESH didn’t think so.

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