Barrie puts a figurative bounty on the Supremes…

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He’s got guts, pizzazz and he wants to be the anointed one, the Savior.

But, when the chips are down, Barrie Soetoro aka O’Bama, reverts back to what he knows best: Chicago thuggery. Having presumably been notified that the Supremes at SCOTUS are voting down his signature marxist takeover of 1/6th of the US economy, Barrie sends out a thinly cloaked threat of a figurative bounty on the members of the highest bench in the US. Was he taking cues from Florida new Black Panthers, a la Zimmerman style?

Don’t worry. They won’t flinch. SCOTUS thinks in terms of decades and centuries, not ephemeron style nanoseconds, as does the pretender to the throne at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Don’t think they’re not licking their chops with revenge on the brain after he called them out like the punk he is at the State of the Onion speech in Jan 2011. Remember well, with Justice Anthony Alito mouthing “not true”.  At that point, Barrie, you should’ve known your Alinsky style methods and marxist dream of expropriating the best health care system in the world were DOA.

Threaten this, gangsta!


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