Komen helps creat MORE breast cancer with $$$ for PP, ABC denials…

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The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer (ABC) notes that Susan G Komen for the Cure – which attempted earlier this year to withdraw from its long-standing relationship with Planned Parenthood, but was subsequently subjected to an orchestrated mafia shakedown – will resume funding the abortion giant, according to the Washington Post.

You hear the left rail on regular basis about Holocaust deniers; one Traditional bishop was even tried in Germany for it, although he escaped the clutches of the anti-Catholic sentiments there on a technicality. But they never rail about the deniers of the Abortion Holocaust–estimated conservatively by PFLI as GREATER than 300 million preborn babies since 1973 in the US.

Komen and other promoters of their silly looking pink parties and parades in late April continue to be deniers of great scientific truths, such as those linking breast cancer directly to elective abortion–inflicted on 300,000 by PP annually, although they readily admit they never do one breast screening on their premises. So they labor heavily, have many races and walks and fund raisers to help raise money….so that we have MORE breast cancer.

More than 26 studies independently have confirmed the ABC link but Komen continues to race for the denial.

Odd thing, facts.

Save your time, effort and treasure. Donate your hard earned money which may have escape the draconian taxing of the Kenyan kommie, and donate to the Coalition on Abortion-Breast Cancer this year. Or to Pharmacists For Life International.

Or to a genuine charity that is trying to educate the public on REAL causes of breast cancer and how baby killing and popping high dose steroidal abortifacients (like the Pill, Plan B, ella, etc) is counterproductive to that goal, and in fact adds to the growing carnage.


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