Naprej, tovarish Obama!

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Forward! After all the recriminations and denials that he heads a marxist/socialist agenda, Barrie Soetoro’s campaign decides to launch a 7 minute propaganda film yesterday with the campaign’s new logo “forward” using the trademark “O”.

It’s full of Soviet-style and era phrases and appeals to the baser instincts of agnostic and atheistic man, centered on himself and separated from his Divine Creator.

True to form, Soetoro, O’Bama, or whatever his name will be the next few years, he needs a strong message sent to him on the commie Christmas today (May Day): pack your bags and go home to Chicago, Indonesia or wherever they’ll take your sorry, dog-eating arse, but leave the White House once evicted on Nov 6th.

And take the trash out with your #OWS buddies on your way out!


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