Bishops oppose abortifacient diktat for wrong reason…

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“He who loves the Lord will hate evil and its twin error,” say the Psalms.

So it is good for the bishops to defend life and the rights of conscience for health professionals, as well as for religious institutions and companies with a religious underpinning to oppose the abortifacient [vis-a-vis the fake “contraceptive”] diktat by the pretender to the throne, the Kenyan kommie O’Bama.

BUT, they do so for the WRONG reason. They base the crux of their opposition as the Spirit of Vatican II with “religious freedom” as the banner and masthead.

They should be opposing it for the truthful, Catholic reason: it is sinful and against right reason and justice. Read the wise statement slicing and dicing the diktat by a priest from SSPX. Another lost teaching moment and opportunity for the bishops and AmChurch squandered. Again. Going on fifty years.


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