NC becomes #31…

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Common sense and deeply held Christian convictions brought a landslide victory in NC last night for the marriage amendment to the Tar Heel constitution, despite the whining of the Kenyan kommie on “intolerance and discrimination”. Boo-hoo-hoo, Barrie. The ban also includes so-called “civil unions”  just to make sure the left doesn’t try to do an end around later on, pun intended.

The sodomites and fellow travelers lost a big 61% – 39% election to those fighting for one man, one woman as is found in the Natural and Divine Law. They continue to lose when the voters have their say versus unelected politicians and liberal activist judges, as has happened twice even in California, land of nuts and fruits.

Primary turnout was heavy. Though there were many other races on the ballot, including primaries for statewide offices and congressional seats, the amendment appeared to drive much of the political discussion.

The state has a 16-year-old law banning same-sex marriage.

At least two other states will be voting on homo marriage rights in November. The Peoples’ Republic of Minnesota has a constitutional amendment on its ballot. Maine has a referendum to allow same-sex marriage. Voters in Maryland and Washington state may be asked to affirm new state laws allowing so-called “same-sex” marriage.



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