Dems homo marriage strategy doomed to failure…

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As the states continue to pile on opposition to homosexual marriage [you know once that’s in, it’s going to be a smorgasbord at the kennel!], the Dems and the vitriolic left is careening head long into a doomed and failed strategy on the tempestuous debate.

It’s clear to see with NC being the 31st state to outlaw homo marriage and institutionalize the time tested societal and Divine norm of one man-one woman, every time the populace has their say in the matter, they almost always overwhelmingly vote it down.

Tuesday’s vote in NC was a landslide: 61-39%. The closest any vote has been was in two states at 52-48%. See here for details of all state votes on the matter.

Most of these types of elections have gone down with significant losses for the sodomites in the 60s and 70s percentages opposed; a few times it was over 80%!

So, as this crowd becomes more petulant and irascible, now threatening to pull their silly perfunctory “convention” out of Charlotte, they find they cannot even come up with the needed $36.6 Million because–true to being lefty nutjobs–they won’t accept any corporate donations to help fete their bizarre love-in.

Go ahead. Pull your lame brained “convention” out of Charlotte. I double dare ya! All those who truly love NC would welcome the potentially significant decrease in crime and perversion that would follow.


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