Researcher: High dose steroidal abortifacient hormones in water supply…

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Upon further review of mountains of evidence, it appears it can be safely said there is little or no question that high dose steroidal hormones ingested chiefly by womenfolk in the culture, continue to make their way into the water supply, seemingly evading the filtration mechanisms in our poopy plants.

Those of us in the health professions and hard sciences have known and have been clamoring about this for decades. this new piece just confirms what we have known and said. With an average of about 10 million American womenfolk in the US at any one time, it is no wonder we are seeing significant changes to the water supply and impact on both animal species as well as homo sapiens.

Just another reason these carcinogenic, deadly abortifacient steroids should be removed from pharmacy shelves by a vigilant, non-political FDA. Oh, wait, O’Bama, is still in charge until Jan 2013. No sense genuinely worrying about women’s health, even sluts like Sandy Fluke.

OK, maybe after that time?


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