43 organizations file 12 lawsuits against Obamacare…

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They join in with 11 lawsuits already in existence. Included in the group are Franciscan University of Steubenville, which announced last week it will no longer offer or require health care insurance for students. Notre Dame University was also in the group. ND had hosted abortoholic president O’Bama back in May 2009 against the wishes of its local ordinary and dozens of other bishops and dioceses. Also piling on is the Archdiocese of Washington, DC whose leader, Cardinal Wuerl did not assert his proper authority to ban HHS Secretary Sebelius last week at a speech she gave at Georgetown University.

Sebelius is the abortoholic former governor of KS and daughter of the ex-Ohio governor John Gilligan, a left of center Dem who served one term in the 1970s. Sebelius held numerous fund raisers and photo ops with the late George “Tiller the Killer” late term abortionist while serving as governor of KS.

Sebelius has incurred the penalty of auto excommunication [latae sententiae] for her advocacy for abortion, and has been publicly barred from receiving Holy Communion by her local ordinary back in KS.

HHS and O’Bama threw down the gauntlet against the Catholic Church in January, with a mandated diktat that Catholic organizations pay for contraceptives, abortifacients and sterilizations in their health plans, regardless of whom is served and regardless of the faith of employees.

O’Bama’s defense and prediliction for abortion and infanticide has been documented and recorded here...he’s a die hard abortoholic as is Sebelius.


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