NATO confab: Limousine libs and their hypocrisy…

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The hypocrisy of the limousine libs on the left is self-evident on a daily basis in multiple ways and in multiple venues.

Here’s just one more example: the guests of Barrie Soetoro in his “hometown” of Chicago this week were treated to a number of high end lifestyle pluses and pampering including the way-overpriced bottles of Saratoga Springs sparkling and non-sparkling spring water, famous for their trademark cobalt blue glass containers.

Folks, you can get these for a “deal” online at at $34.95 per case of 12 (that’s almost $3/bottle) at a discount outlet + about $2/bottle shipping. Do the math how much of  just this stuff they consumed and wasted with all the anarchists, communists, marxists, OWS-types and community organizers howling at the doors for a week or so.

ESH sees the limousine libs at the 9th Circus Court in SF will reach their stretch goal of scuba diving and other amusements on the taxpayer dime in Maui at their upcoming confab. Kind of a GSA deja vu all over again in Vegas. Guess in this abysmal O’Bama economy, everyone has to make some sacrifices.

No wonder we don’t get you, Joe!



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