Stop O’Bama’s War on Coal….

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Stop Obama's War on Coal

Electricity prices are slated to jump 8 fold or higher in some areas, thanks to O’Bama’s war on coal. Its’s no wonder the good folk of WV recently voted 41% for an imprisoned criminal over the Barrie.

You can send him and your senators a clear message to vote for the Imhofe resolution SJ 37, which would negate the recent limousine liberal luxury priced regulations by the EPA forcing sky high coal prices long after the Kenyan kommie is gone.

For more info and to send a FREE letter to your senators click here.


One thought on “Stop O’Bama’s War on Coal….

    The Diatribe Guy said:
    May 23, 2012 at 17:14

    It’s hard to find something nowadays that Obama isn’t waging war on. I can’t keep up.

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