DOJ tries to intimidate Walker win today…WINNING, duh!

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Pro-abortion and right-hating Eric Holder’s Dept of Justice is flexing it’s wimpy muscles today, claiming it will “monitor” the so-called “recall” of WI governor Scott Walker. Holder did something similar last week with the First Weasel, David Axelrod. They almost came to blows, reports claim. Telephone tough guy, but no real testicular fortitude on either side.

Walker leads in various polls by 3-6 pts over the same guy he beat in 2010, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett. Walker will prevail again, ESH predicts, by at least the 5 pt victory he had over Barrett in Nov 2010. That’ll make it 4 times the left and the Dems had their butts kicked in WI recently, opening the door to an all-out campaign on the ground by GOP prez contender Mitt Ronney, and a possible re-take of the Badger State in Nov 2012.

Pretender to the throne, Barrie Soetoro, sensing a defeat, refused to visit WI and help Barrett last weekend with campaign stops. So, he circled the state and did 6 fundraisers in IL and elsewhere. He sent Bubba Clinton as a surrogate instead.

The Dems, the left and the die hard unions lost to Walker in 2010. Then the same cadre lost in a failed recall of GOP senators when the Dems went into hiding in Illinois and elsewhere in 2011. Then a lost WI Supreme Court seat. And now, defeat #4 at the hands of a very successful and liked Walker yet again.

Learn your lesson yet, lefties and unions? Life’s tough, it’s even tougher when you’re stupid, said John Wayne, the Duke.

Go puff your fake manhood elsewhere, Holder. Winning, duh!


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