Not fit to print: Abortifacients are now political science…

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So the die hard lefties at the NYT continue to lose ground, subscriptions and their base. That’s why they’ve had to let more than 10% of their people go. Things for which they would crucify a private business like, say, Baine Capital.


with this —>


this is what it looks like at the chemical level—>

[We know the NYT and the drive by state run media would never put this pictoral out since they assume you are all around 6th grade level intelligence and are dumb as rocks. That’s part of being lefty elistists.]

Their dumpster dive recently made the well documented pharmaceutics of abortifacients like Plan B a target for their political science around the well established abortifacient properties of this high dose steroid (which also is listed as a Class I carcinogen by fellow lefty organization, the WHO) and is a whopper dose of the progestin levonorgestrel, also associated with various risks of stroke, clots and various other life lessening maladies.

Pharmer does a very good job showing that feelings and whims cannot translate into changing established science, no matter how good the Times and left wing nuts would “feel” if their latest fave abortifacient coulda-shoulda-woulda been a mere “contraceptive”. It’s not, ladies and germs. No need for rumination and regurging all the facts libs choose to ignore anyway, if only to make–one gathers–their Kenyan kommie buddy Barrie Soetoro’s illicit  diktat on the abortion-“contraceptive”-sterilization mandate less harsh and more appealing to the masses.

It’s not. It won’t.

It violates the Divine and Natural law, and misappropriates the natural function of the conjugal act, seeking to either frustrate fertilization or–as is usually the case–chemically execute junior before she’s had a chance to implant in mom’s womb. Besides the physical death it also leads to spiritual death of the parties involved. Ya know, mortal sin.


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