Divine Mercy….the dark night of the soul

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The devotion of the Divine Mercy of Jesus has taken on greater import and popularity the past few decades, officially adding its title to the Sunday after Easter, also known as Thomas Sunday or Dominca in alba (Whitsunday).

Here are some of the excerpts from the diary and writings of the holy St Faustina Kowalska, the Polish nun who died at an early age, yet had a multitude of ecstacies and visions of the Merciful Christ, from whence comes the image we have come to know with the white and red light rays emanating from His Sacred Heart, one representing the water, the other His blood flowing from His side at Calvary and continuously now to all with the depth of immersable Mercy only He can show.

Will you accept His eternally generous gift of Divine Mercy, knowing the final four truths will come to face all of us at some point? Death, judgement , heaven, hell. As St Faustina said in her native Polish: “Jezus, ufam v Tobie!” [My Jesus, I trust in Thee].


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