Big Sis to AZ: Single digit salute and Drop Dead!

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Well, it only took a few hours, but shortly after the SCOTUS announced it was upholding the section of the AZ immigration law that lefties found most objectionable, Big Sis (aka Janet Napolitano) told AZ to essentially, drop dead.

Of course, she did this by nullifying agreements she legally entered into with local law enforcement at the state, county and city levels.

She may have some trouble with that latter part, not keeping up the federal end of the immigration enforcement thing.  That’s exactly why the AZ legislature and Gov Janet Brewer had SB 1070 passed in the first place! The amateurish O’Bama admin has been asleep at the switch while millions of illegal aliens have flooded the US and most notably the valley of the Sun.

Better watch out what you ask for Sis; you may get it. Sheriff Joe may just have to step up his game and do more of YOUR work again.


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