17 Billion reasons….

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There’s a definitive reason that Klan Parenthood, Melinda Gates, Big Pharma, the entire Left and all their minions in the drive by state media are always promoting sex outside marriage and the chemical onslaught by so-called “contraception”. They have 17 billions reasons. All in mucho dolleros.

In fact, most of this chemical pollution of the (mostly) female human body by highly potent steroids shows them to be often abortifacient. Many are abortifacient nearly 100% of the time. Plan B, ella, IUDs, Norplant and the like come to mind.


The Gates’ have contributed tens of millions of dollars to population control programs by the UN and others. Melinda Gates is hardly an official spokesman for the Catholic Church, to which she claims to belong. She may be a baptized Catholic but it is clear she is also a fallen away, apostate Catholic.

By engaging in an ongoing campaign of propaganda for abortifacient “contraception” she has like incurred automatic excommunication (laetae sententiae) with no need of an official pronunciation by her local ordinary. Although, the latter would show publicly some much needed clerical testicular fortitude and leadership.

Money’s the answer. What was your question?


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