$4B: Gates’ double down on brown wominfolk

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That’s $4 billion more reasons for the Gates’. They want to double down on the brown. wominfolk that is. All over the world. Their liberal bigotry and racist proclivities know no bounds. They see theirs as a noble cause.

Melinda Gates: the new Condom and Cancer-Inducing Queen

Injecting all those misguided poor brown women all over the world in 3rd World countries. With highly potent steroids such as Depo Provera. Saving them from having babies and families. As people are DNA-hard wired to do.Fulfilling them and their human purpose on this earth as they seek to work their way to their own salvation for the next world.

The leftist elitists know what’s good for you, so much better than you do huddled in your mud huts with babies at your breast. They can give you heaven on earth, since they believe in no god but themselves.

Inducing cancers. And tumors. And brittle bones.

Misguided. Miscreants. Elitist. Bigoted. Snobs.


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