O’Bama DOJ, FBI bullying pro-lifers…

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O’Bama and his DOJ head, Eric Holder, have decided it’s time to harrass, intimidate and bully peaceful, non-violent pro-lifers and protestors, as famous nurse-author Jill Stanek reveals in her latest missive.

O’Bama and Holder would like nothing better than to limit the content of certain types of free speech including pro-lifers who defend the innocent preborn being shred in their mothers’ wombs or being assaulted with high dose, toxic and potent IED-like chemicals as they try to impant or grow nascent in or about utero.

Nothing like some red meat for the leftist, baby hating base. Read how the FBI visited Jill Stanek’s son-in-law recently and tried the old KGB iron fisted approach.

Just one more confirmation the most extremist, abortoholic president must be removed from office on Nov 6th.


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