You tourists (still) stink!

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“Dingy” Harry Reid of Stoplight, NV and Nancy Frozen Face Pelosi, of SF, CA both have repeatedly whined and moaned for Mitt Romney to release multiple year tax returns. It’s part of the Dem chorus strategy to villanize Romney amongst the plebes.

Too bad Dingy Harry–who stated taxpayer visitors to the Taj Mahal Senate Visitors Bldg in DC “stink”–and Nancy, an apostate Catholic, don’t hold the same level of transparency for themselves.

Dingy Harry, Magnum Farce!

Both repeatedly refuse to release their tax returns along with most of Congress in both houses. Reid with his shady land deals in NV and Nancy with a paltry $5 million earned last year just in her Asian investments. Not to mention the poor proletariat workers at her SF area restaurants CANNOT join or form a union.

They are miffed how Mitt may spend his own earned cash but have no problem with how they and the Kenyan kommie spend the taxpayers trillions. Looks like “they stink”!



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