Do everyone a favor: stay away…

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Barrie Soetoro aka O’Bama says he plans to visit Aurora, CO in the wake of the horrific shooting spree there Thursday night during the Batman movie showing.

Do everyone a favor: stay away, O’Bama. It is your class warfare and your war on preborn babies and their mothers that has heavily contributed to the culture of death sociopath James Holmes finds himself marinating in daily.

When your abortoholic voting record and actions at various stages of your non-career have helped keep America immersed in a culture that makes war and kills its offspring in the womb with both scalpels and chemicals, eventually some of those children will turn around and make war on you.

Aurora, CO was one manifestation of that.

You’ve greatly contributed to murdering a full (minimum) one-third–that’s 33.33% for those of you in public school re-education camps–of Holmes’ generation.

Holmes has it wrong thinking he is the Joker character in the Batman series in his delusions of grandeur: O’Bama is he.


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