College students revolt…against contraceptive culture…

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In a very refreshing turn of events, a number of college aged students are revolting. Not against “the man” or their weary parents. Rather, against the doctrinaire contraceptive culture which brings man down and destroys our relationship with each other and–most importantly–with God.

ESH knows this is not something you’ll read about in the drive by state run media. But it is out there. And the growing list of young people turning away from the instrinsic evil of contaception and its destructive mentality–much of which is actually abortifacient by its chemical and pharmacological actions–leaves one with renewed hope.

There is hope for mankind through the Truth which sets one free, even if not found in decaying post-Christian Europe or the New World. The Social Kingship of Christ, the City of God will be built of such renewed hope.


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