New CDF head gets tough with SSPX…

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New president of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), Archbishop Gerhard L Muller has decided to take a tough, hardline approach with the Church’s on going discussions of reconciliation with the fraternal Society of St Pius X. as reported by semi-official CNA news.

Muller has a history of questionable statements and actions–including questioning the perpetual virginity of Mary the Mother of God– contradicting the very teachings of the Church he now has been chosen to defend as head of the CDF. The prudence of the choice of Muller for the CDF has been questioned by the SSPX, and ESH thinks rightly so.

Muller also has questioned whether the total substance of the Body, Blood, Soul and divinity of Christ is present and at what moment, in the transubstantiated host during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

SSPX has never formally broken with Rome despite the mendacity of liberal modernist Catholics–the questionable and unjust “excommunications” of individuals associated with the 1988 consecrations of 4 priests by the late Archbishops Lefebvre and Castro de Meyer were nullified in any event by the motu proprio of Pope Benedict XVI in his July 2007 document totally freeing all Latin Rite priests to offer the Tridentine Rite Mass without any conditionals. In that same document, Summorum Pontificum, the Holy Father again specifically stated the Tridentine Rite has ALWAYS been licit and was NEVER abrogated by the Church or any pope.

In fact, the Bull Quo Primum by Pope St Pius V, a Dominican, in 1570 clearly stated priests of the Latin Rite had the RIGHT to pray this same form of the Mass in perpetuity and that it could NOT be taken away by any authority or person.



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