Woman dies of abortion in Chicago PP mill while mayor has chick’n hate campaign…

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Tonya Reaves killed by incomplete abortion, perforated uterus, and delay, documents say

Planned Parenthood delayed summoning emergency care for the dying woman for five-and-a-half hours after a botched abortion. Reaves died at a Klan Parenthood baby killing mill in Chicago, the first of two women who had to be hauled out of the same PP mill in the Loop district this week.

Meanwhile, Barrie Soetoro called for MORE tax $$$ to go to the largest domestic terrorist killing organization in the US, that’s right, PP.

His Chicago gangster mayor friend, Rahm Emmanuel, meanwhile called for more discrimination, hatred and intolerance for the 1st amendment rights of Dan Cathy, owner of Chick-Fil-A. Cathy’s had the temerity to support the biblical definition of marriage of one man to one woman, and not the disinformation being run out by the state run drive by media on the topic.

Maybe the Liliputian sized mayor should attend to all the gun killing violence and PP murders of babies in his city instead of trying to stop a legitimate, job-creating business trying to open stores in his God-foresaken city.

He ought to thank Cathy for trying to promote jobs and economic growth, without government taking over. On the positive side, he did warmly welcome Mohammedan racist “Calypso” Louie Farrakhan!


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