Catholic company wins injunction against HHS diktat…

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A Colorado company, Hercules Industries, owned by a Catholic family has won its first round in a fight against the illicit HHS diktat, ESH has learned. The US district judge issued a temporary injunction against the federal government as part of his ruling.

The Newlands, a Catholic family, argued that the controversial provision of the so-called “Affordable [sic] Care Act” violated their First Amendment rights by forcing them to purchase something that violates their consciences.

Attorneys for the O’Bama administration justified the mandate as part of the fight for so-called “sexual equality”, arguing it was a necessary part of “improving the health of women and children…so that women who choose to do so can be part of the workforce on an equal playing field with men.”

But Senior Judge John L Kane of the US District of Colorado ruled on Friday in Denver that the government’s interests, which he called into question, “are countered, and indeed outweighed, by the public interest in the free exercise of religion.”

Stay tuned for Round 2.


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