ESH supports Dave Burke, RPh for OH Senate District 26 re-election…

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ESH proudly announces support for the only pharmacist in the Ohio Senate, Dave Burke, R-26, Marysville.

Dave is also very pro-life and has a beautiful wife and children who support him strongly in his untiring efforts to restore sensibility and personal responsibility at the local level.

Here’s Dave out canvassing voters in Bellevue, OH recently.

Burke is vice-chairman of the senate Health, Human Services and Aging committee which considers bills such as the Pharmacist’s Conscience Clause. Burke has strongly indicated support for a Conscience Clause previously in his work as a state representative in the Ohio House. Dave was reared in Marion, OH and was adopted at a young age. He operates Dave’s Pharmacy with his pharmacist wife

ESH encourages other pharmacists and the lay public to support Dave in his fight to preserve our freedoms and a sane policy of government that is less intrusive in the personal and business lives of people while providing the essential services local government cannot by itself.

Vote for Dave Burke for re-election on Nov 6th if you are in his district. Contributions can be made at Dave’s website.

This endorsement was not done in any consultation with the candidate nor with his approval or authorization.


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