Creepy? Child abuse? Barrie uses daughters as abortion props….

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So, Barrie thinks it’s OK to have his daughters abort his grandchildren?

Is it beyond creepy? child abuse?

Jill StanekPro-life nurse extraordinaire Jill Stanek, RN, who was the whistleblower in O’Bama’s “home state” of IL regarding illegal abortions and infanticide in hospitals, asks the tough questions of the Kenyan kommie.

Read for yourself how Barrie uses his own daughters as props defending his positions, the most extreme abortoholic president in US history and who opposed any restraints on partial birth abortions and infanticide as an IL senator and in the US senate.

In this ad, Barrie is defending baby killing of the preborn and handing over almost $400 Million in tax money annually to Klan Parenthood, the largest domestic terrorist organization in the US.

If any other parent did this, they would be incarcerated for child exploitation, endangerment and Child Protective Services would be making a house call. Bank it if it was one of the plebes engaging in this nefarious and evil behavior.

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